Father’s Day Statement

The Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch today issued the following statement to mark Father’s Day:

“Today on Father’s Day, I want to first thank my Dad for his amazing commitment to our family. And let us all take the time to stop and honour those who’s commitment, compassion and sacrifice have made indelible impacts on daughters and sons across the country, leading their children to brighter futures.

“The work of a Dad never ends. Fathers are often awake early (before their kids), working hard through the day and not coming home until late, all with the intention of ensuring their families are properly provided for. They dedicate themselves to their families while demonstrating unconditional love and support.

“Fathers instill important values in their children – like I learned from my father at the dinner table – hard work, respect, and integrity. These values are often imparted on their children when fathers demonstrate these values in their everyday lives.

“On Father’s Day let us properly take the time to thank our Dad’s who sacrifice so much so that we may lead better lives.”

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