PM announces amended Canada-Malaysia Air Transport Agreement

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced amendments to the Canada-Malaysia Air Transport Agreement, which will enhance the flow of business and people between both countries. The announcement was made during the Prime Minister’s bilateral visit to Malaysia.  

“Our Government is committed to supporting the development of Canada’s air transport industry to further benefit travellers, shippers and the economy in general,” said the Prime Minister. “This expanded air transport agreement is expected to lead to more travel options and promote people-to-people links, trade and tourism.”

The amendments, which take effect immediately on an administrative basis, will provide greater flexibility for airlines to offer air services using the flights of other airlines – commonly referred to as code-sharing – and to adjust prices according to market conditions. 

The Government of Canada’s approach to expanding its air transport relationships is consistent with Canada’s Blue Sky policy, which encourages long-term, sustainable competition and the development of new or expanded international air services. Under this policy, our Government has concluded new or expanded air transport agreements covering 77 countries.

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