PM announces further support to those affected by the violence in Syria

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced further Canadian support to help address the worsening humanitarian situation in Syria.

“The Government of Canada stands with the people of Syria as they continue to face unfathomable hardships at the hands of the Assad regime,” said Prime Minister Harper.  “Canada’s support, together with that of its allies, will help provide much needed humanitarian assistance to the millions of innocent people whose lives are being destroyed by the conflict in Syria.”

Canada will provide $45 million in support of humanitarian organizations striving to meet the needs of Syrians affected by the conflict.  This includes providing food, clean water and sanitation, medical assistance, shelter and protection to those Syrians in country, as well as to those who have fled to neighbouring nations.

With this announcement, Canada has committed $203.5 million for humanitarian assistance to the crisis in Syria since January 2012.

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