PM nominates Commissioner of Official Languages for reappointment

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the nomination of Mr. Graham Fraser for reappointment as Commissioner of Official Languages for a three-year term, effective October 17, 2013. Mr. Fraser has been serving as Commissioner of Official Languages since October 2006.

“Since his appointment to the position over six years ago, Graham Fraser has fulfilled his role with dedication, diligence and distinction,” said the Prime Minister.  “He has brought to the position a profound sensitivity to Canada’s linguistic duality and a deep understanding of the Official Languages Act and Canada’s language policy.  I am pleased that he has agreed to be nominated to continue in this important role.”

The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages was created in 1970 under the Official Languages Act to support, enhance and strengthen Canada’s linguistic duality.  The Commissioner of Official Languages is an agent of Parliament responsible for the implementation of the Act, the protection of language rights of all Canadians and the promotion of the equality of status and use of English and French in Canadian society. 

As set out in the Official Languages Act, this appointment must be approved by resolution of the Senate and the House of Commons. In addition, pursuant to Standing Order 111.1 of the House of Commons, the Government has tabled this nomination for referral to the Standing Committee on Official Languages. The leaders of all recognized parties in the House of Commons and Senate were consulted in the nomination of Mr. Graham Fraser for reappointment as the Commissioner of Official Languages.

Biographical notes are attached.

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